What are the side effects of Humira?

What are the side effects of Humira? Well I have to stress that this blog is about my experiences. As with RA research, I have no definitive answers as to treatment or medication. I’m on the same ride, mine’s just a little more personal. I’m guided by professionals and fellow sufferers. My current dilemma is Humira, but I guess it’s not fair to say Humira in itself is a dilemma, perhaps its effectiveness is the reason so many of us are conflicted.
Read on to get a take on where I’m at, hopefully it helps shed some light.

Gallbladder Pancreatitis

Gallbladder Pancreatitis, or more accurately the potential for Gallbladder Pancreatitis, was the reason I found myself in a hospital bed surrounded by surgeons. I was about to be confronted with the possibility that this was one of the side effects of Humira.
Two days earlier I was relaxing in my recliner, taking in the latest instalment of Madmen and still grimacing from the Humira injection I had just endured.
My GP (possibly the worlds greatest) called at 8pm and very calmly suggested that I get myself to the hospitality as quickly  as possible. Apart from the obvious imperative behind ensuring my Gallbladder doesn’t burst my attention was being consumed by the the surgeon speak, it had ventured into the merits of Humira (adalimumab) and its potential to be the cause of my current condition.
I was a voyeur at this point, the lead surgeon had directed his colleagues to investigate Humira and would later be suggesting to me, post operation, that he doesn’t understand how any medical specialist could responsibly prescribe Humira… Say what?

Now, perhaps your specialist has recommended Humira, maybe you’re surfing the web, trying to lift the fog. Trying to get an idea of what this drug can do for you or as importantly, what it might do to you. Personally, I struggled as much with the idea of injecting myself as I did the possible side effects (I have to lift my hat to all the insulin dependant diabetics out there).

But the elevator pitch, delivered by my Rheumatologist, was that Humira was the only option if I wanted to halt the erosion of my joints. Perhaps, if it was an option in the early stages of my RA 20 years ago, it may have even ‘whisked it away’ (remember, this is my interpretation).

What are the side effects of Humira
Gallbladder still intact.

I should point out that I live in a country with a pretty good public health system, so apologies to those who don’t have such privileged access to healthcare, and with that being said, who was I to turn my back on such a gift? Needless to say, I took a leap of faith, grimaced through the shots (every one of them) and here I was, all primed for the removal of one Gallbladder, with strict orders to stay off Humira until further notice. To be continued.

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