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Tropical Queensland Luxury – Thala Beach Nature Reserve

Thala Beach Nature reserve is 10 minutes from our house in the tropics of northern Australia. So you might think the palm fringed beach at the end of our street would render Thala’s offerings a tad mute. Errr… that’d be a no. Far from it. Although we are aspiring to it, at this moment our home cooked meals don’t offer the view Thala’s Ospreys Restaurant does and no where from our pad can we sip on champagne and look out across the Coral Sea after a day of in-house nature tours.

About Thala Beach Nature Reserve

To tackle the confusion first up. Thala Beach Nature Reserve is a resort. But it’s a resort with a difference. Tucked away on a private headland just south of Port Douglas, Australia, it comprises a network of luxury eco bungalows scattered around 145 acres of coconuts and wildlife. With your stay you get access to a private beach a main pavilion, restaurant, bar, pool and 500 km’s of walking trails… well perhaps not 500. Maybe knock of a few zero’s there, the numerous inclines may have skewed my judgement a tad.

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Our Experience At Thala Beach Nature Reserve

For us Thala was purely an indulgence. We moved to this part of the world because we were already taken by it and after nearly 10 years we have become somewhat accustomed to beautiful scenery and very pretty birds. We came for the relaxation. Seclusion in style and a meal with a view. What Thala does so well is in the packaging of Far North Queensland into a single experience that requires very little effort and offers a cocktail with a view at a moments notice. I highly recommend it, Thala Beach Nature Reserve is my kind of “nature” experience. I’ll leave you with some images to get you inspired to get off your arse just so you can get back on it in style!

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Map of Thala Beach Nature Reserve – Tropical Queensland


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