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Tokyo Taxi Travel – Nirvana For The Weary Traveller

We are converts to ride sharing. Yes, public transport is cheaper. Yes, it may be greener. But when your arthritis is conducting your hobble and every ounce of pleasure from your experience is drowning under the wheeze of asthma. I’m getting in a car. F#@k that.

Cue the angels… hiding within white gloves and green Toyotas. The tokyo taxi is elevator music in the war zone. Where the bustle is ejected with the close of the door and gives way to gentle melodies, pleasing odours and eager drivers. We must have taken a dozen taxi rides on our last trip in Tokyo and they were all so splendidly predictable. Clean beyond critique. Language is a barrier, but only a small one. Nothing a wifi connection and a heap of grunting can’t overcome. But wait. If you throw an app into the mix you’re as good as Uber without the price tag. 

Japan Taxi App

Once we stumbled across the JapanTaxi App, done. Totally sold. It’s as easy as Uber, way cheaper as most Uber offerings in Tokyo are the expensive versions.
The Japan Taxi App is best used when leaving accommodations or pre-arranged venues, as taxis are so numerous it seems a bit silly to stand on the side of the road waiting for a designated ride when dozens will drive by. But of course, if you’re unsure as to how you are going to be able to articulate your destination then it’s perfect. The video will give you a taste of nirvana.

*Getting around Tokyo isn’t a big deal, it’s what’s on offer that takes it out of you. The list is endless. If art is your thang you’ll want to have peak at Tokyo – A Japanese Art Tour In 2 Days and whilst we are on that theme you might want to visit The Coolest Art Store In The Whole Wide World – Pigment Tokyo or give yourself a break and experience just how skillfully the Japanese have embraced the espresso, take a look at our Tokyo Coffee Guide.

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