A man takes a mentoring journey alongside an adolescent with Asperger’s syndrome in what becomes a mutual voyage of good times and frightening discoveries.

Why The Beta Phase?

This is a project that is close to home. Both Cheryl and I have close family members on the autistic spectrum. It’s a condition that can bring great hardship and joy to people. I hesitate to say disability, I’ve read ‘neurodiverse’, in this case it certainly seems more appropriate. We wrote a short film about two characters trying to communicate. The fact that one of them is an ‘Aspie’ allows us to underline the diversity in people and commitment required to make a difference in another life. With the validation aside I can now admit that I really fancy getting back behind the camera and tackling a narrative with broad appeal which is tailored toward the talents of all involved. And this narrative rides a line of humour and tenacity with a dramatic sting in the tale that gives some real insight into our characters world. 

Richard Sutherland – Lead

I’m excited that Richard has jumped on board as our lead. I’m a great admirer of his work, from Wentworth, Picnic at Hanging Rock and Bikie Wars he’s got 30 years of experience in the tv and film industry. Richard is a terrific asset to this character driven drama and collaborating with him alone will make the process a valuable one.

Mark Drilling – Score

During the development process the score has always been an element that I’ve pushed to the back of my mind. It’s integral to articulating the kind of authentic voice we are going for, get it wrong… oh god… that’s why it’s scary. My opening discussions with Mark about creating an original score were a bit of a revelation.  Off the bat he brought ideas to the table that defined the the tone of the film across multiple themes. Watch Listen to this space, you’re in for a treat.

Richard Sutherland

Casting and crewing is still underway but we are already very excited about collaborating with some talented old friends and industry colleagues, we hope to start shooting in the coming months. More details to come and we’ll be launching a crowd funding campaign… so at least the crew gets to eat (at a push we could write in the characters as emaciated).  Sooo…..

Here’s The Call To Action

We are very grateful for all the support so far – if you think you’ve got something to offer, we are on the lookout for some help in certain areas. Philanthropic backers will be welcomed with open arms, gifts and foot rubs. To help raise funds we will opening up one of our shoot locations, a beachside holiday apartment for 2 night stays (normally 3 day minimum) – any support will be credited. Port Shorts Film Festival is one film festival on our radar so any local businesses that want to get onboard and have their business acknowledged up on the silver screen, just fill in the below form.

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