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>> 60 Second Video Burst

I’ve been meaning to put together a video of our experience at Remedios, Cuba – How Not To Use Fireworks for awhile. It seems that most years the fallout from the Parrandas, a traditional street party that kicks off in a BIG way every Christmas Eve, gets airtime for all the wrong reasons.

It dates back in one way or another to the nineteenth century and is a kind of a “shoot-out” come “walk-off” between districts of the Remedios area using an insane amount of fireworks. I’m talking – back the truckS up and offload for hours – kind of arsenal of fireworks.

This part of the northern Cuban coastline is more known for its resorts than the coastal towns, but Remedios and the Paranadas celebration is an experience that shouldn’t be missed. Having said that and knowing what I do now, I’m not sure Cheryl and I along with our good Kiwi friends Robin and Katie, would have wandered into the hornet’s nest so willingly.

We had one of the most memorable travel experiences we’ve ever had during our month in Cuba. From Baracoa, Trinidad to Havana, Cuban’s are known for there “live-life” attitude and we experienced it in spades. This video will give you a good sense of how far they are willing to take it. Enjoy!

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Map of Remedios, Cuba


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