Port Douglas When to Go – Weather

Port Douglas is effectively governed by two seasons. The wet and dry. It’s a little confusing as the wet season is hotter than the dry season, but there is usually only around 5-8 degrees Celsius difference / 9 – 14 degrees Fahrenheit. So, Port Douglas When to Go – Weather, read on for more details.

Port Douglas Weather

Port Douglas When to Go - Weather

Port Douglas, Dry Season

MAY – OCT, 24 – 28 Degrees Celsius |  75 – 82 Fahrenheit 

The dry season is the most popular season in Far North Queensland for tourists. The weather is consistently around the mid twenties, when the southern part of Australia is in the depths of winter. In reality the tourist influx usually begins at the start of April with Easter holidays, which is when the temperature and humidity starts to drop. There’s not a lot of difference in the temperature range, but it will be less humid and will get very little rain. Port Douglas is only a town of around 4,000 in population but the high season will make it swell to many times that with almost 500,000 visitors annually.

PROS – Perfect Weather | CONS – Very Busy, Higher accomodation rates

Port Douglas, Dry Season – What you’ll need

  • Clothing – light, you may require a blazer/sweater during late July and August. Long sleeves for protection if you anticipate being in the sun for any length of time. eg. Reef Tours, Daintree Tours, Bike Riding.
  • Hat – There is no shortage of retailers selling hats but you will likely pay a premium ($30 – $50).
  • Sunscreen.

Port Douglas Weather

Port Douglas, Wet Season

NOVEMBER – APRIL, 28 – 33 Degrees Celsius |  82 – 91 Fahrenheit 

The wet months are usually confined to January, February and especially March. But generally the rain will come through in thunderstorms and usually drys out within a matter of hours. It does get humid and 33 degrees will feel closer to 40 for the uninitiated, especially after rain. As far as tourism goes you will be privy to some pretty spectacular lightning shows and insanely heavy rain which makes for a uniquely beautiful perspective in the rainforest or out on the reef. The locals enjoy the warmer months as Port Douglas itself is much quieter. Most businesses will run throughout the year, including reef tours and Daintree tours so you’ll enjoy Port Douglas without the crowds. The one caveat is the increased presence of stingers (jellyfish) which means you will be restricted to swimming in netted areas on the beach. Reef tours supply stinger suits year round regardless which is a lycra “onesie”, we’ve covered more in our post, Australian Stinger Season – What You Should Know.
P.S. The only people wearing long sleeves or pants during this time of the year are conforming to their job description.

PROS – Quieter, Cheaper accomodation rates | CONS – Hotter, Rain – Humidity

Port Douglas, Wet Season – What you’ll need

  • Clothing – very light, as mentioned, long sleeves only for protection if you anticipate being in the sun for any length of time. eg. Reef Tours, Daintree Tours, Bike Riding.
  • Hat.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Insect Repellant – Mosquitos love the wet.
  • Umbrella – I scoffed the first time someone suggested I take an umbrella on a holiday. I didn’t and regretted it. If you get caught in a downpour you’ll know about it. Umbrellas are readily available.
  • Light Raincoat – It will still be humid if it rains, you don’t want something warm.
  • Plastic Bags – (or garbage bags) if you are out on a boat, the beach or the rainforest it may be useful to stash you gear quickly.

Port Douglas Weather

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