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Port Douglas’ walking trail project around one of Australia’s most stunning coastlines has been simmering away for as long as we have been in this area. The Flagstaff Hill lookout is a “go-to” landmark in town, the view back down Four Mile Beach is special but the access has never been great. A crumbling old track and a half hearted footpath got you half way there before multi=million dollar properties swallowed the remaining access and viewpoints. Finally construction began on a path that would circumnavigate the headline and link up Four Mile Beach with Rex Smeal Park. Views to Cairns around to views of the Daintree… hard to beat.

Ok, you know how we are all going to get around to something… don’t know what I’m talking about? The Port Douglas Walking Trail was that for us, it completed in late 2017, but before we could get around to it 600mm of rain hit town in one day off the back of a cyclone and washed a large chunk of the walking trail into the ocean and a fair portion of Flagstaff Hill down the main street. Bet those multi-million dollar homes weren’t feeling too secure at that point. It has partially re-opened and we thought we’d take a peak before the next wet season has it’s say… this is what we discovered.

Map of Port Douglas Walking Trail

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