Port Douglas Things To Do – Sunset Views

You get used to ‘Port’. Coffee with views, bike rides on palm fringed beaches. Every now and then you’ll be cursing the job in front of you and be searching for a way out and then it hits you, it’s an hour ’til sunset, there’s a bottle of champagne in the fridge and we could be enjoying a sunset view down at Rex Smeal Park in 5 minutes – 6 if the traffic’s bad.

Port Douglas Things To Do - Sunset Views

Port Douglas Things To Do - Sunset Views

Views of the Anzac Mountains & the Daintree.

About Rex Smeal Park

Apparently the park used to be a man made swimming lagoon. The slime and mosquitos proved more hassle than it was worth so they filled it in. I only know this because it became somewhat of a contentious issue only a few years ago when there was a push to reinstate a swimming lagoon again (in a different location), the ‘Rex Smeal ‘ slime argument was aired at one point. Not sure how relevant or educated that argument was but either way you would have had an army of locals and tourists manning the pickets if they tried to encroach on ol’ Rex Smeal.

Port Douglas Things To Do - Sunset Views

Rex Smeal Park is tucked away on the back-side of Flag Staff Hill, so it’s easy missed. I bet every knackered tourist takes a note when they sail past on their way back from a reef tour, I would… actually I do. Every time we head down there we kick ourselves for not doing it more often. And if the jugglers, the tight-rope walkers and 20 odd metre Lagoon Catamarans returning from snorkel and dive tours don’t spike your interest – let the sun steal the show for a 270 degree view across the Coral Sea.

What if there’s no sun?

I hear you say… in that unlikely event you’re probably in for a lightning show. An awesome sight, highly recommend it.

Port Douglas Things To Do - Sunset Views

Where & When for Rex Smeal Park

The boats start filing past from around 4pm daily. To find Rex Smeal Park just take a right once you get to the end of Macrossan Street (Main street). You’ll see it if you go a hundred metres or so, just veer off to the left past the Police Station (reckon the conversion rate for police recruitment would have to be high).

  • Walking – 5 mins from Macrossan St / 15 mins from the Marina
  • Driving – 2 Minutes from Macrossan Street / 5 mins from the Marina

What to take to Rex Smeal Park

  • Chair or blanket
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Wine, beer, diet coke… moonshine.

Port Douglas Things To Do - Sunset Views

*We are always keeping our ear to the ground so if you’ve got anything to add please comment below.

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