Port Douglas Things To Do – Hang Gliding Over The Coral Sea

Three people walked into a pub in Port Douglas. An Irishman… nah, that’s not how this goes. I actually met a guy who was wandering Port Douglas, looking for things to do. Hang gliding over the Coral Sea wasn’t part of my repertoire but he was keen to learn kitesurfing. That I could do, I was teaching near Cairns at the time so off we went, passing by Rex Point on the way. This is the launching point for hang gliders and para gliders and is also a great spot to look back down to Palm Cove and maybe skittle a pedestrian as you’ll both likely be looking skyward at the hang gliders. Anyways, we saw someone launch off the cliff as we passed and he remarked on how he had bought an old hang glider off ebay.

So you’re a hang glider then?

I thought that was a rhetorical question but worth asking in the interest of killing another 20 minutes or so. He seemed confused by the question and replied.


Curious, I probed him some more and he went on to tell me that he took his rusty prize to the top of a cliff, set it up then chickened out at the last minute. No instruction. No experience. Just him, his ebay glider and faith. He was a nice guy… with a healthy dose of disturbing.

As a kitesurfer I can identify with the feeling of interfacing with your environment in a way that to few of us do. I’ve never taken part in hang gliding. I’ve come close. I’ve sat nervously to the side and breathed that sigh of relief when it has been called off. Twice. But I’m good with that. Just watching these people is pretty exhilarating. I’m happy to leave the rest of my adrenalin fix to tried and tested moves under an over sized kite on Four Mile Beach – metres across from my house, not metres above. But it does look like a memorable way to round out a trip to Far North Queensland, scroll down for some operators that could be your gateway to the skies and if your just looking for some options there are plenty in this part of the world, check out our post on Skyrail and the World’s Oldest Rainforest or Getting from Cairns to Port Douglas for some terrific options.

Port Douglas Things To Do - Hang Gliding & Para Gliding

Where is Rex Lookout?

I’ve listed two operators after the map. One from the Port Douglas area and one from Cairns – both have good reputations. There’s a few experiences on offer (not just Hang Gliding). I’m sure they will provide you with all the adequate information but just to give you an idea –

Getting there From Cairns – 35 Minutes
It’s a straight forward run from the Cairns area, you can only go one way. Just past Wangetti you’ll do the short climb to the lookout.

Getting there from Port Douglas

Just head back toward Cairns for 25 minutes on the coastal highway. You’ll know when you’re close as it’s a long climb up the hill just before the lookout.

Port Douglas Things To Do - Hang Gliding

Hang Gliding & Para Gliding Operators

Updraught Hang Gliding – Port Douglas based

Air Play Hang Gliding – Cairns based

Videos of Hang Gliding & Paragliding from Rex Lookout

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