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Port Douglas Things To Do – Bikes

If you fancy a leisurely cycle on tropical pathways and along palm fringed beaches then I’d be putting cycling on that list of ‘Port Douglas things to do’ should be somewhere near the top. It’s hard to get tired of cycling into town for a coffee along four miles of the Coral Sea, so even if hire some bikes for the day or it’s your chosen method of transportation you won’t soon forget your holiday where you cycled beside the Great Barrier Reef or got caught in the mother of all thunderstorms.

If you are a hard core ‘biker’, road or mountain, and if you haven’t figured this out by now – this is not for you. There is some additional information at the end of this post that you may find helpful whatever your preference. This is about cycling around Port Douglas’ bike paths and beach access for that leisurely cruise around town… or coffee crawl. The great thing about Port Douglas for the ‘cruising’ recreational cyclist is the lack of hills. Apart from an extremely mild incline into Macrossan Street (main street). You’re only challenge is Flagstaff Hill if you fancy a peek from the lookout.. that’d get your blood pumping either direction.

Port Douglas is flat, which makes it super easy to get around town on a bike with plenty of bike paths and fascinating side lanes and even better, the main Port Douglas beach (Four Mile), is great to ride on. There a few little tips that will save you some frustration but all in all, if you have access to a bike whether it be through a hire shop or your accommodation you will find it a convenient way to get around and a great way to explore.

Port Douglas Beach – Four Mile Beach

The beach is a unique way of cruising around town, here’s a few pointers –

  • Beach access points

    The Sheraton resort consumes a fair portion of the access of the beach and you may find yourself dragging your bike over sand dunes and into someones private apartment – check the map below for details.

  • Tides

    You will want a fairly low tide (below 1.4 metres) to allow for compact sand but also, the highest tides will make it impossible to get through. Click here to check tide times.

  • Wind

    If it is a windy day it will most likely be coming from the south-east. It’s a great way to ride up the beach but it’s particularly unpleasant riding against the breeze, especially if it’s blowing 20 knots. Best to ride along the main road in the shelter of the pathways then cut across to the Four Mile end of the beach and head back down toward town.

Port Douglas Bike Information

  • Helmets

    It is an Australian law requirement that you wear a helmet when riding a bike. You do run the risk of being fined by the police if you don’t wear one.

  • Palm Fronds

    Yep, palm fronds. We’ve, well…he has replaced dozens of tyres because of spiked palm fronds. Some are worse than others but avoid running over them if you don’t want to walk your bike home.

Bike Hire & Tour Operators

Bike hire runs around $17 per day and up depending on the bike. Electric bike hire for is available also.
We’ve highlighted the biggest bike store in town but there are also tour operators for those that are into a more intense experience, here’s a few links that you may find useful –
Port Douglas Bike Hire
Bike n Hike Adventure Tours
Road Biking Blog


Getting to Port Douglas

I’ve written a post about this click here and you’ll be covered.

Where to Stay in Port Douglas

Port has it all when it comes to accommodation, it’s really just down to where you want to be situated (and of course how much you want to spend). There are quite a few bigger resorts lining the road on the way into the centre of town, Port Douglas is tiny by most standards so you’re never more than a 40/50 minute walk away from most things at worst. There is plenty of accommodation options in the centre of town but remember it will be buzzing with night life. Most of the locals live out at Four Mile, which is the other end of town. We use Airbnb whenever the opportunity pops up and Port has plenty of options there also. We run our own place in Port Douglas so know the system pretty well and for us it’s the most user-friendly of the private holiday rental apps. It’s a bit tricky to find places under 3 nights but if you are planning a holiday for longer click here to set up an Airbnb account, you’ll get way more bang for your buck.
If you prefer the hotel/resort thing, try searching Agoda via the banner below.

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