Port Douglas Local Shuttle

The Port Douglas local shuttle is the quickest option for getting around town. The great thing about Port Douglas though, is that you can walk anywhere. Even if you started from the highway it would be an easy 60 minute walk to Macrossan Street (Main Street) and a very pleasant one at that. Getting around the ‘tourist’ end of town should only take you 15/20 minutes wherever you are, usually much less.

Another thing to consider is that most tour operators will offer free pick-ups from your accommodation, so check with them before you book your ride. But if you’ve opted for the ‘no car rental’ and are keen to get to that first coffee for the morning, don’t want to walk home in the dark (and it can get very dark) or perhaps you need to avoid the heat or a tropical drenching then there is plenty of low cost options. Unfortunately there is limited public transport to anywhere outside of Port Douglas, the closest you will get is a Cairns Airport shuttle which we cover here. There is one operator that is now doing runs to Mossman so you’ll be able to get yourself out to Mossman Gorge although if you book ahead they have a free shuttle service as well.

*PLEASE NOTE – There is only one road in and out of Port Douglas, if you need another reason not to drink and drive – outside of not killing someone – you will likely be caught by police testing stations, which are frequent along the main road.

Port Douglas Shuttles

$4-$5 per person (ask if they have multi-ride options eg. $30 for 10 trips)
There’s been somewhat of a fight for the streets when it comes to shuttle services in Port Douglas recently. Four years ago there was one company with two or three buses doing rotations on 20/30 minute intervals to the towns . Now there are numerous, the branding is sporadic so it’s hard to tell how many different companies are operating, but just to give you an idea, we will pass five or six local shuttles every time we head into town (which is a five minute drive). They are everywhere.

There are marked bus stops around town but you can wave a shuttle down anywhere. Officially/legally, they don’t go to specific residential addresses but I’m not sure that is the case. For the same reason I won’t list them, but if you find your way to the main arteries you will not have to wait for more than a few minutes, wherever you are.

Click here for some of the operators and their contact details.

Port Douglas Taxi

$10 – $25 per car anywhere in town.
There are still taxis servicing Port Douglas. How they manage to compete with the local shuttles is a mystery to me.
ph: 131 008 – Port Douglas Taxis

Port Douglas Uber

$9-$14 for anywhere in town.
At the time of writing there is one, maybe two Uber cars in town.


$17 – $$$ you name it per day.
If you can hire a bike or lucky enough to be staying somewhere that provide them it’s a great way to experience Port Douglas, we cover this in details in a separate post so click here for tips & maps on bikes in Port Douglas. 

Car Rental

$40 – $$$ you name it per day.
There is plenty of car hire options in Port Douglas. Thrifty hire is at the beach end of Macrossan Street (in the Coconut Grove building). Most of the other car rental options are in Warner Street, which is behind the Coles Supermarket in the main street. You can search your options below. Check out our post on Getting to Port Douglas for more details.

*Please note – some rental companies will have a minimum excess up to and beyond $2,000 if your rental begins in Port Douglas. Not the case if you begin your rental in Cairns.


Port Douglas Local Shuttle