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Humira and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Humira and Rheumatoid Arthritis Me & My Humira Let me first set the scene. I had been undergoing Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment for 8 years. Humira injections first came up with Rheumatologist number 5 in 2005. I was living in the UK and had heard only whispers of this amazing new drug that was reserved for the really screwed […]

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Refined Sugar Free Banana Bread Recipe

Sugar Free Banana Bread Recipe

Refined Sugar Free Banana Bread Recipe Preparation: 5 mins. | Cooking: 40 mins. Sugar Content: 6 tsp per serve (serve pictured – bread cut into 8 sections). I’ve got a confession, I didn’t come up with this banana bread recipe. Actually, I didn’t even make it. My husband does most of the cooking. He’s into it and luckily I’m […]

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Vasculitis – what the?

Vasculitis spots

What does Vasculitis mean to me? Five years post RA and I was whiling the morning away, taking stock of my sore bits. l noticed something new. It was tiny but never the less it punched well above its weight in pain. This was in the form of a tiny red dot and nestled discreetly on the top side […]

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