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Upcycling by design

Eames meets Ive, upcycling.

Eames meets Ive My iMac was useless… the hard drive fried, obsolete and too beautiful to throw away and the icing on the cake was that the last of our ‘cheapest of knock-off’ Eames Eiffel chairs has cracked where it hurts. There once was a time when a 24 & 27 inch iMac sat opposite […]

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Refined Sugar Free Raspberry Cashew Cake Recipe

Sugar Free Raspberry Cashew Cake Recipe

Sugar Free (Refined Sugar) Raspberry Cashew Cake Recipe Preparation: 15 mins. | Cooking: 25-30 mins. Sugar content: 3 teaspoons per serve ( 8 serves in total ) Cake, Tart, Slice, Scone… well maybe not a scone. Whatever the ascription, since shying away from processed foods and refined sugar we’ve had a little trouble dropping the sweet tooth […]

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Go Do Be Wellness Journal, The Perfect Storm

Go Do Be Wellness Journal

Go Do Be Wellness Journal – Artwork locked in. We are getting there, our final sample(hopefully) is going to print as I type. It seems like the Go Do Be Wellness Journal has been an endless project but finally we’ve narrowed our content down to what we think will be a very effective wellness tool. […]

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