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Refined Sugar Free Raspberry Cashew Cake Recipe

Sugar Free Raspberry Cashew Cake Recipe

Sugar Free (Refined Sugar) Raspberry Cashew Cake Recipe Preparation: 15 mins. | Cooking: 25-30 mins. Sugar content: 3 teaspoons per serve ( 8 serves in total ) Cake, Tart, Slice, Scone… well maybe not a scone. Whatever the ascription, since shying away from processed foods and refined sugar we’ve had a little trouble dropping the sweet tooth […]

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Go Do Be Wellness Journal, The Perfect Storm

Go Do Be Wellness Journal

Go Do Be Wellness Journal – Artwork locked in. We are getting there, our final sample(hopefully) is going to print as I type. It seems like the Go Do Be Wellness Journal has been an endless project but finally we’ve narrowed our content down to what we think will be a very effective wellness tool. […]

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Flying with Humira Medication

Flying with Humira

Flying with Humira – Part 1 Apart from sticking a needle in myself, one of my concerns with going on Humira medication was travel. Top of my list of concerns – Refrigeration Legallities (Customs) Effectiveness & Safety (After irregular temperature storage for prolonged periods) Vulnerabillity (Am I at higher risk of infection) Do you travel […]

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