Wicked Bubble About UsWe are Cheryl & Perry.

We are Borg (AKA Peryl).

Chasing the dream means your living it.

Surely it’s about the journey and if you subscribe to that, then you live the dream no?

We’ve been together for decades and a big part of that success and probably what drew us together in the first place is that we’ve had the same core philosophy. Live the dream.

Wicked Bubble is about tapping into the source… you and your choices.

We’ve are slaves to self-reflection but we think it’s sooooo important to take the time to wallow in the beauty and satisfaction of following your own path.

We follow three insanely basic principles.

  • GO – motivation & proactivity towards wealth and well-being.
  • DO – participate and engage in positive activities and attitudes.
  • BE – acknowledge the experience and maintain a sustainable, rewarding and healthy lifestyle.

Wicked Bubble is about identifying and exploring opportunities that get you excited. Financial return alone is not enough, we want to feel good about what we do with our time and energy and we use these basic principles to get it.
We’ll peel back the layers on investment decisions both financial and personal, both good and bad… mistakes have served us well!

One must never forget when misfortunes come that it is quite possible they are saving one from something much worse; or that when you make some great mistake, it may very easily serve you better than the best-advised decision.
Winston Churchill

We’ll let you in on our business ventures in manufacturing, tourism and art. We’ll crunch the numbers and discuss the details from setup to marketing and management. We’ll explore our Airbnb venture, discuss wellness and chronic illness management and slice up the intensity with some awesome travel, art and design experiences.

If you’re curious dive right into the blog and if you fancy a funky little piece of design and inspiration download the first two chapters of our Wellness Journal, and join our free online community of subscribers.



A little more of the ‘borg bio’.

We are both from working class families. The mantra was get a job, get a qualification, get a trade. Get an education or expand your horizons was not on the menu.

So when all of our friends were leaving school at fifteen, training as plumbers or getting jobs at the local factory we both went for television careers.


Wicked Bubble, Living the Dream

So this is where we met. Camera 1 and 2 and love blossomed in Studio A.

We loved our jobs but we wanted more, we wanted to travel so we threw our jobs and caution to the wind and began exploring the world. That was more than 25 years ago and the heady days of not caring where the next meal came from or being prepared to sleep under stairs in strange places become less appealing with age. You get older, your health declines and you become partial to a good internet connection and a consistently good latte.

We’ve moved countries twice, we’ve changed careers several times and bought, renovated and sold eight homes on opposite sides of the world.

We can’t really say it’s a business model more than it’s a lifestyle one. So the lifestyle model has evolved, but it has always followed the dream.

Perry has filmed for some of the highest rating TV shows on the BBC and Cheryl has held painting exhibitions on the Strand in London.

Wicked Bubble, Living the Dream

So we can’t even claim to be models of consistency. But we have had a really good time and rarely have we climbed out of bed and not been enthused about the day ahead.

But it’s not all roses. Cheryl developed a chronic illness more than twenty years ago (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and both of us have had to radically adapt our lifestyle and income to accomodate not just lifestyle choices but serious health issues. We needed to make a big change when Cheryl’s health began to deteriorate, we decided to evolve from home owners and high income earners in London (and all it’s terrible weather) to a tropical beach, no income and being able to kitesurf whenever we wanted (or when arthritis would allow).

We started this blog of the back of realising we’ve got something to offer. Inherently creative and curious we chased the dream all the way to a home on a palm fringed beach in tropical north Queensland, Australia. Where we have created a lifestyle and income centred around a creative studio that explores and exploits every skill that we have. From a jewellery brand with more than eighty resellers to travel accomodation and running an art gallery.

9 – 5 is a bad dream.

We cycle down the beach to our favourite cafe every day. We brainstorm business ideas and creative opportunities and we do it all within the same criteria. We must enjoy it. Enjoyment fuels passion. Passion fuels productivity.

That’s the dream we want to live.

Welcome to an online community that seeks independence and wellness through passion and pragmatism. Come on in, the coffee’s on the stove… f**k it, let’s go to the cafe.

Cheryl & Perry