Imagine Drift Apartments Review – Palm Cove, Australia

I had an opportunity recently. My sister was flying up from Victoria, Australia to spend her birthday with us, on the tropical north Queensland coast. It crossed my mind, why not take her to Palm Cove on the way back from the airport and indulge in a little tropical brunch? But then I thought, being her birthday an’ all, why not surprise her with a night in Palm Cove to add to her long weekend in Port Douglas?

Imagine Drift Apartments

The only real problem with my plan was that in order for it to be a pleasant surprise, there needed to be no suggestion of sharing a room. So finding a double room was going to be the challenge, enter Drift Apartments. Being in the height of summer I was able to get a two room apartment with sea views in what we would call the “good” end of the Palm Cove esplanade. On special, they can go for as low as $300 for the night. All that remained was a bit of finger crossing – a guaranteed method of ensuring that the apartment was as good as the images onlinešŸ¤ž.

Imagine Drift Apartment Review

I was familiar with the complex as I have coffee in Chill Cafe, which is directly below it, on a weekly basis. The foyer and pool is surrounded by magnificent melaleuca trees, it’s got a bit of wow factor, I usually take my mother through there when ever she visits just to here her say… “wow”. So I wasn’t concerned about that. But the rooms were a mystery.

We run an Airbnb apartment and have super high standards – I had scored the corner apartment and on first inspection the space was definitely making the grade. The rooms are clean and spacious, each bedroom has a balcony with a view and the beds a very comfortable. Surprisingly, for being right in the thick of it, the apartment was very quiet. You may want to request a top floor though to put some distance between yourself and the heat reflecting off the awnings from the restaurants below.

If I had to be really picky I’d say it’s a bit dated and you’re definitely not going to be over-awed by the “extras”. It’s not what you might expect in a really well run private rental. But that’s not what you’re buying here. You’re buying location and a view with access to an awesome pool and a fitness centre if that’s your thing.

*There is often a two-night minimum in the high season.

I’ve done a walk through video to give you an idea of the layout below so read on. I hope this review has helped, please feel free to leave a comment or question and I’ll try my best to shed some light on the Drift Apartments in Palm Cove!

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Address: Veivers Rd & Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove QLD 4877

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