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When a gallery comes in handy if you want to create a business logo

A while back we had a cute little art gallery and design studio in the marina at Port Douglas, far north Queensland. Cheryl had lovely works lining the main wall and one morning a guy comes jogging past and slams the brakes on. He comes in, all excited, perspiration rolling down his face.

That’s it! That’s my label!

His enthusiasm was infectious but we had no idea what he was talking about. “That painting, that says what I want my wine label to say.”
Eventually we found out his name was Mike, and Mike had a vineyard and an olive grove in Margaret River. A family affair, Larrikins of Margaret River was a venture by Mike, his wife Lyn and family. As Mike went on to explain and to quote directly, they were after a brand that,

…reflects our affection for the Australian landscape and way of life. The red dirt and blue sky reminds us of the balance of hard work, good times and most importantly, close family connections.

A core component of that was the name and how they identified with it’s mischievous nature.

So we had colours and mischievousness (which was a way better start than usual). Whilst Cheryl created scores of swatches based on the artworks that Mike had identified, I went to work on mischief.

We didn’t want the logotype or font to detract from the artwork so I concentrated on keeping the design element as clean as possible, very vector, straight & clean lines.

As each wine has it’s own personality I thought it would be fun and in keeping with the remit to introduced some playfulness in the label by substituting an element of the logotype with a stick figure. The idea was to have it vary from wine to wine.

Designing a wine label.

Marry some Art with some Design… viola, custom business logo

Luckily Mike and Lyn were on board and after after auditioning all kinds of adventurous and unusual action figures we eventually settled on a ¬†selection of appropriate ‘Larrikins’. Cheryl’s archive of painting samples was whittled down to single lovely swatch/painting one and there you have it, a mischievous custom business logo with great taste in art.Designing a wine label

It was a pleasure to work with these guys and even more satisfying was to be able to marry my love of design and Cheryl’s passion for painting… oh and here’s the Olive Oil Label… I’ll let you write your own narrative, or maybe buy a bottle or two ;-).Create Business Logo

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