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>> 60 Second Video Burst

This video is from the vault… a rather old, “the combination is long lost but for the grace of technology and a shit load of transferring from tape” type of vault.

To set this up I need to go back to our original plan, which was to document a backpacking trip around Papua New Guinea. We were both working in television at the time and were keen to use the latest technology in 3 chip CCD miniature cameras, a Panasonic EZ30. For its day it was tiny and the quality was exceptional… so was the price at $6K (my eyes water when I read that out loud).

Whilst we were in the planning stages Cheryl got very ill. She spent six months on the couch in pain, an agonising mystery to her with no answers coming from the numerous medical professionals she consulted. The good.. sort of bad part was that eventually she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The much better part is that her discomfort could be managed with drugs to a degree. At this point I was figuring that the Papua New Guinea trip was a “no go”. Her medical specialists composed an impressive list of prescription drugs, travelling to a remote part of the world with limited access to anything was not advised.

It’s not that Cheryl intended on going against advice, surely she could follow a routine of drugs and rest in Papua New Guinea? So she went. This video will give you a taste of the adventure. Enjoy!

*You can read more about the trip here Papua New Guinea : Sepik River the Last Frontier, and if you’ve got a taste for it try this insane fireworks display we stumbled into in Remedios, CUBA – How Not To Use Fireworks.

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Map of Drugs And Rest In Papua New Guinea

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