Wicked Bubble About Us

We are Cheryl & Perry. We are Borg (aka Peryl).

Wicked Bubble is the umbrella. We travel, we create, we get absorbed and sometimes overwhelmed by our insatiable appetite for good coffee the process and to experience.
You could say it’s living the dream, although that is written more as a confession than a pitch. We’ve done some things. But in the past few years we’ve turned a corner, we’ve come to realise…

The journey sucks

Perry & Cheryl - Wicked Bubble

The literal journey that is. We’ve done our nights on train benches from Chennai to Kolkata. Been accused of stealing dog food in Rhodes. We’ve slept under stairwells in Gaza and argued with Nepalese policeman in the dead of night over our criminal profile (no, we weren’t behind the 1992 spike in Pokhara home invasions).
The journey is pretty much behind us. Sure, give us the keys to a comfy car with auto transmission and we’ll gladly cruise from hotel to Airbnb. But no longer does the pleasure of the journey outway a sore arse or dodgy knee.

So what’s the point?

To go there. To be there. To experience a culture through it’s cafes, it’s open art studios and it’s architecture. To wake up in a comfortable bed and say “Let’s go for a coffee then pop over to the Getty’s”. We want some clear, concise instructions on how to get that train ticket from Narita to Shibuya. We want to know that Brett Whitely’s studio is now closed on the 2 days we are in Sydney. We want an Airbnb with wifi that isn’t 5 blocks (aka ‘a 4 minute walk’) from the nearest train station… you’re getting the picture.

We get pleasure in fueling our own creativity by experiencing the way the locals adorn their houses and embrace their creative side (is this reading like a cunning plan to plagiarise?). The way they are passionate about their thing. The beans they roast or the business they started. We indulge in art and creativity everyday. It pays our mortgage. But we dream of experiencing art and culture on the global scale just as often. We indulge and combine art and travel whenever we can. We want to impart our idea of the Wicked Bubble ‘cos it really is Wicked.

Wicked Bubblers

A little more of the ‘borg bio’ – We’ve been together for decades and a big part of that success and probably what drew us together in the first place is that we’ve had the same core trait. Curiosity. It evolves with you, the flip side is ignorance… pretty sure that’ll devolve with you.

One must never forget when misfortunes come that it is quite possible they are saving one from something much worse; or that when you make some great mistake, it may very easily serve you better than the best-advised decision.
Winston Churchill


Wicked Bubble, Living the Dream

We’ve moved countries twice, we’ve changed careers several times and bought, renovated and sold seven homes on opposite sides of the world.

(in third person cos it feels right) Perry has filmed for some of the highest rating TV shows on the BBC and Cheryl has held painting exhibitions on the Strand in London.

Wicked Bubble, Living the Dream

So we can’t even claim to be models of consistency. But we have had a really good time and rarely have we climbed out of bed and not been enthused about the day ahead. But it’s not all roses. Cheryl’s chronic illness of more than twenty years (Rheumatoid Arthritis) meant we had to radically adapt our lifestyle and income to accommodate not just choices but serious health issues. We needed to make a big change, so we decided that Australia was as good as we were always being told so moved to the tropics of Far North Queensland – Port Douglas. We have since created a lifestyle and income centred around a creative studio that explores and exploits every skill that we have. From writing projects, a jewellery brand with more than eighty resellers to travel accommodation and running an art gallery.

Wicked Bubble is an appreciation of diversity in geography and culture. We shoot and write for the open-minded individual who likes a good plan, a good bed, a creative experience… and can still laugh if they get none of it.

Safe travels.
Cheryl & Perry

P.S. Cheryl has never given up on the idea that teleportation could one day be a reality.