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Dry Artists Pigments : Part 1 – A Pig in Pigment Heaven

dry artist pigments

Dry Artists Pigments My choice of art materials over the years has largely been steered by two factors, affordability and practicality. I started off many years ago as a diehard oil devote, seduced by the lush nature of its application and the vibrancy that it sustained. But whether it’s down to cost or the lack […]

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Making and Marketing Your Own Jewellery

Hand crafted resin jewellery

To be labelled a by-product isn’t terribly flattering, but that is what WILD Fine Art Jewellery really is. We travel and we dabble. We mostly engage in painting and photographic mediums but the thought of making and marketing your own jewellery only really came about when we found that we were loosing customers because of […]

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Tips for setting up a Painting Studio

How to set up a painting studio

As a painter I’ve been through so many studio incarnations… I’ve never really been in a position to create the perfect space, I’m not sure if that really exists. So much of the space is dependant on my work at the time and if you’re like me, the work is the only thing that has […]

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